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For advanced hydration and maintaining endurance performance. 

CR7 Drive Herbalife24® is a refreshing carbohydrate drink with electrolytes that helps maintain endurance performance during prolonged exercise. 

Practical ! Take your portion with you thanks to the sachet packaging!

Herbalife 24 - cr7 drive - acai berry flavor - box of 10 sachets

SKU: Référence 1467
    • Delicious and refreshing carbohydrate and electrolyte drink to consume during exercise.
    • Carbohydrate and electrolyte formula that helps maintain endurance performance*.
    • Also improves water absorption during physical exercise**.
    • Formulated with essential electrolytes: 249mg of sodium and 142mg of magnesium per serving.
    • 100% NRV in vitamins B1 and B12, which contribute to normal energy metabolism and mental functioning***.
    • Less than 100 kcal per serving to manage your calorie intake.
    • No artificial sweeteners.
    • Even easier to prepare in a sachet version, pleasant to drink, with a subtle flavor of acai berries.
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